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Why train your dog?

The right time is now, the right dog is your dog. People have called me and said, "I have a problem with my dog, and he needs training." Unfortunately that is the attitude most people have. The reality is that every dog needs training, not just the problem pooch. It's not untypical for that same customer, at the end of the training to say "This dog has come around so well, I wish I would have done this with my other dogs."
•Training brings out the best in dogs. It gives the dog a job to do. Dogs like to work and it creates a bond between you and your dog.
•Training should be the joy of seeing what you can accomplish with your dog, and also seeing what the dog will do for you.
•Training can be and should be fun, as is watching a dog retrieve at 50 yards or more.
•Some of the things you can accomplish with training are to be able to take a nice long walk and have both of you enjoy it.
•Have guests in your home and not worry whether the dog will jump on them or bark at them.

Think of your dog's training as an opportunity as well as a commitment. An opportunity to make the dog just as good as he can possibly be. Also, a commitment should be made so he understands the rules in your home so that he fits into his home, plus, the commitment to keep him safe. Safe from cars in the street, safe from eating something that will make him sick, safe from other dogs and people, and safe in his new home that you have chosen for him.

For some great video on dog training check out the below link!!